HiCognition sessions encapsulate a particular configuration of widgets inside all open widgets.

Creating a session

To save the current state of all your widget collections, click on Save Session in the top-right menu:

This will open a dialogue, which allows you to name your current session:

When you click submit, this will persist your session in the database.

Restoring sessions

After you create a session, you can restore your session by clicking on the My Session button in the top-right menu. This will open a dialogue that shows all your available sessions. Here, you can click on a particular session, which then shows the context options. Amongst these, you can click on Restore, which will restore the saved session.

Restoring a session with delete your current workspace configuration!

Sharing a session with others

To share a session with other users of HiCognition, you can click on Get Url in the session table. This will show a URL with a unique token for this session:

When a user of HiCognition visits this URL, the session will be automatically restored.

If you share a particular dataset using a session, other users will have access to it!