Updating HiCognition is relatively easy since all changes to the code can be integrated by rebuilding the containers. Since we use automatic database migration tools, all changes to the MySQL database are applied automatically. The only exception would change that breaks compatibility with older, cached preprocessing data. But these exceptions will be communicated with the newest release and contain a detailed guide on the migrate old versions to new ones.

Get the new version

To get the newest HiCognition version (or any version you would like to run), first, stop any running HiCognition instance via

cd HiCognition
docker-compose down

Where HiCognition refers to the location of the cloned HiCognition GitHub repository, then get the latest version using git:

git fetch --all
git checkout master # or any other branch you would like to use
git pull # assuming this is not a new branch

Rebuild containers

We are currently in the process of migrating all containers to Docker Hub. Once this is done, you can then just pull the relevant images from there. Stay tuned!

In order to integrate all code changes into your local containers, you need to rebuild them via:

docker-compose build

You should expect this process to take 5-10 min.

Restart HiCognition

After you have downloaded the newest version of HiCognition and rebuilt the containers, you can restart HiCognition using:

docker-compose up -d

This will apply all database migrations to the MySQL database and start the new versions of all dependent containers. After startup, HiCognition is read to be used!